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Mathew & Sarah O'Malley - Mathew was born in approximately 1812/13 in we believe the Carnacon or Moorehall areas. He was a farmer and died in 1889. Sarah was born in 1828/29 - her maiden name was Fadden (or Fadian) and she died in 1902. They were married in 1845. Their children are listed below:

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William O'Malley emigrated to Scranton, Iowa and may have gone with his sister Annie to join their father's cousin in Bayard, Iowa who was a state senator called Michael McDonald.

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Annie O'Malley travelled to Iowa with William in 1876 & worked as a teacher. She married John Cain. Her descendents include the Maxwell family in MA

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John O'Malley emigrated to US and lived in Farnhamville, Fort Dodge. Raised a family.

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Bridget O'Malley emigrated to US and married a man called Tully, possibly Pat. Lived in Omaha.

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Sarah O'Malley emigrated to US, settled in Fort Dodge and got married.

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Margaret O'Malley moved to the US and became a nun in the Poor Clare order. We believe she was part of the Poor Clare community in Spokane, WA.

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Mary O'Malley stayed in Ireland and got married.

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Patrick O'Malley stayed in Ireland and had a business in Ballinrobe. He had a daughter called Sarah Mary and two sons.

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Thomas O'Malley stayed in Ireland and became a priest and later a Canon. Visited the US & maintained contact with siblings

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Michael O'Malley stayed in Ireland, married Mary Glynn and had a family. He is great grandfather of the present generations of O'Malley's in Ireland and the UK

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